About Us - Cathy and Becky



About us:
Sew Unique was developed during the summer of 2006.  Becky (daughter) was home visiting Cathy (mom) and they were recalling Becky's wedding from the previous year.  A little saddened by the fact that the wedding was over, Cathy and Becky decided they weren't ready to leave the wedding world quite yet!  What better way to stay connected than to make beautiful and unique garters that fit everyone's personality!


Cathy and Becky work on garters from home in Michigan and are proud to say we ship garters all over the world.

There is a new addition to the garter clan - introducing Emma Grace!  She was born on 3/17/09.  Cathy and Becky are hoping she will want to join our business when she gets older!!


OH MY!  Another new addition to the garter business!  Elliana Cathy was born 11/25/11.  Elliana and big sister Emma love to help Mommy and Grandma make garters!  :)