Gallery of Garters

Gallery of Garters

We receive a lot of custom requests for wedding/prom garters.   The requests may include a simple color change or a totally new idea for a design.   We are always happy to accommodate special custom requests to make the garter perfect for your event.  Here are a few pictures of special requests that we have received.    House-Divided or 2-Team garters have become very popular, see some examples in the pictures below.

If you would like to request a special garter, please email us at

White Lace with Pink and Green                      Yankees/Red Sox Combo

      Teal and Baby Blue Set

Columbus Blue Jackets Pillow and Basket

                Coral and Taupe Garter Set                   

Philadelphia Eagles/Phillies Combo                       Horseshoe Garter Set

                     UNC and Notre Dame Garter                        

            Personalized Photo Garter                   

Lace with Hot Pink                               Lace with Purple

     Royal Blue Dot Set

             Penn State/Michigan Set                  

Auburn/Alabama Mix Set                         Miami/Florida Mix Set

        Georgia/Tennessee Mix Bridal            

  Central Michigan on White

Maple Leafs/Flames Mix Garter Set         Colts/Packers Mix Garter Set

Gray/Yellow Garter Set                   Leafs/Canadiens Garter Set

        Penn State/Ohio State Mix Set
           The Flash Bridal Garter   
   Lime and Teal Bridal Garter                     University of Michigan on Navy Organza
       Penn State/West Virginia Bridal Garter
          Boston Red Sox Set on Navy Organza      Memphis Garter Set on Royal Organza