Anatomy of our Garters

We use specific words to describe our garters.  To make sure we are making exactly what you want, we have made the "Anatomy of our Garters" page to help you with our terminology.

Bridal Garter - The bigger garter that is usually kept by the bride.

Toss Garter - The smaller garter usually thrown at the wedding during the garter toss.  Sometimes called the Grooms garter.

Organza - The sheer, see-thru material we use for the garter base.  It does have a slight sparkle to it.  We have organza in many different colors also!

Satin - If the garter isn't made out of printed fabric, we put a satin band on the organza.  We have many colors of satin available.

Applique - A logo or design that we put on the garter. 

Bow - The main bow for the garter. (white in the above example)

Bow Tie - The smaller ribbon that we use to tie the bow.  (red in the above example)